You’re creative. In fact, you can’t imagine your next job not being creative. This is a non-negotiable for you.

You’ve got a freakish attention to detail. In fact, you can’t figure out how this balances with your creative side, but it works for you.

You live to learn. You’d call yourself a lifelong learner. You believe every encounter with another person is an opportunity to add to your knowledge and skill set.

You need meaningful work. You’re not just looking for a job. You want to look forward to telling other people about what you do. You want to walk into work inspired.

You want to work with a great team. You thrive when you’re part of a dynamic, innovative group in an open, positive environment.

Is this you?

TorranceLearning is looking for amazing, hard working people to join our team of instructional designers, writers, and course builders. Must be willing to be challenged, to grow, and to embrace continual improvement. Check out the job descriptions and application information below. We’d love to hear from you!