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What We Do

xAPI & Learning Analytics

We know xAPI.

xAPI (the Experience API) is the emerging data specification for workplace learning globally. We have nearly a decade of experience leveraging xAPI to generate better data for better learning experiences and supporting the industry and our clients in implementing it. We founded the xAPI Learning Cohort to help thousands of people get started on their journey and we can help you.

We work with you on your roadmap.

Every organization is different – you’ve got unique needs and perspectives and your timeline is all yours. We support you on your journey from prototype to production, designing a roadmap that brings together your content, your infrastructure, your people, and your organization. We’ll connect you with the partners and people you need to get things done.

We can do the heavy lifting.

Once we put the roadmap and the infrastructure in place, we work with you to instrumentalize your learning experiences for xAPI and organize your data. Want to get better data out of your elearning experiences? takes the stress and guesswork out of the code so you can focus on learning design. Want to go beyond elearning and build something custom? We’ve built dozens of custom learning experiences native to xAPI. Ready to analyze all that data? We can help you build the dashboards you need and create a plan for analysis.

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