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Custom Learning Experience Design

We believe in the power of learning to shape individual and organizational success. We design & develop custom learning experiences to help drive our clients’ results, combining performance-based instructional design with the rich media, interaction and reflection that fuel learning.

Agile for Instructional Design Projects

We’ve taken the best of Agile project management and adapted it for instructional design projects to create LLAMA®: the Lot Like Agile Management Approach. LLAMA gives our clients the flexibility to keep up with changing business needs while creating amazing learning experiences. We use it every day. We teach it all the time.

Learning Software & Platforms

Get up and running quickly and easily with a total solution that features your content and our platforms. Whether its configuring a learning management system (LMS) to feature your learning, or building custom learning software to support your unique experience, we’ve got you covered.

xAPI and Next Generation Learning

Get the right data about the learning experience and its impact on performance. We’re among the early adopters and leaders in the Experience API (xAPI) and its application in performance & analytics. As winners of the xAPI Hyperdrive, eLearning Guild Demofest and Brandon Hall Awards with our xAPI-based solutions, we’re inspiring others with fresh thinking. As hosts of the xAPI Learning Cohort we’re supporting hundreds of pioneers and experimenters in learning and working with the xAPI.

Eleventure® Business Skills Curriculum

Professional effectiveness skills, delivered in a series of short, relevant, actionable topics. Find Eleventure courses at Udemy, CyberU and MasteryTech, or license customizable versions for your own LMS.

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