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Foundations of LLAMA: Our signature workshop

On time. In budget. What they need.

(Even if that changes!)

The Lot Like Agile Management Workshop runs over 2 days, in person or virtual, and works for intact teams or as a public offering with folks from all over. Contact us to schedule a workshop for your team, onsite or online.

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How do you keep your project from falling short in delivering client (internal or external) needs on time, and within budget? How do you adjust when client needs are often changing?

Agile is a project management approach that provides a framework for adapting to change as it happens. It’s commonly used in the software development space, and gaining traction with the learning and development industry. TorranceLearning has adapted Agile methods for instructional design and development projects – we call it the LLAMA® (the Lot Like Agile Management Approach) — and we’ve been teaching and writing about it since 2012.

In this workshop, you will learn about the Agile project management methods we’ve adapted and how our project teams actually use them on the job. Discover more about how Agile techniques improve centralizing information, keeping a project on track, tracking hours and resources more easily, and defining clear and measurable job tasks. We like to do this with hands-on, minds-on activities that you can apply at work. This lets you grapple with the questions Agile raises in a real-work situation and aids in the transfer to the job afterward because the hard work of getting started has already happened in the classroom.


At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Build a business case for using Agile
  • Describe Agile and LLAMA® to others
  • Kick off a project for success
  • Align instructional design projects with measurable organizational goals
  • Define learner personas
  • Define project scope in clear, granular ways
  • Define & estimate work tasks
  • Develop & release in iterations to get needed feedback before program release
  • Plan the project
  • Plan multiple projects across multiple resources
  • Select the right project to get started with
  • Make a plan for implementation


Class Time & Activities

This classroom experience takes place over 12 hours (with meal breaks and breaks in between topics).

Additionally, Megan can support a structured “Day of Action” in which teams identify opportunities for implementing LLAMA practices in their work, prioritize those opportunities and then work on them. At the end of the Day of Action, the team can expect to have traction on 4-8 initiatives that will help implement LLAMA in your team.


Looking for public or self-paced LLAMA? Visit our course catalog.

Contact us to schedule a workshop for your team, onsite or online.
Contact us about LLAMA