Megan Torrance
Megan TorranceChief Energy Officer
As our Chief Energy Officer, Megan is an Elearning guru. She brings over a decade of business consulting and project management experience to her instructional design and development work. Not only does Megan facilitate our LLAMA and instructional design workshops, but she also supports our clients with project kickoffs to make sure each project has clear direction. She is devoted to delivering outstanding work to our clients and creating a top-notch work environment based on trust, flexibility, compassion and fun.

In the little spare time that Megan has, she gardens, hikes and plays ice hockey.

Willem Van Reesema
Willem Van ReesemaSales Management – Business Development
As our Sales Manager, Willem is focused on establishing long-term happy client relationships. He helps each new client develop their elearning business solution, scope of work, budget and contract. He takes the lead on responding to proposal requests.

After hours, Willem writes original songs on his guitar and posts them to his Instagram fan base of 36 followers comprising mostly of his immediate family members.

Steve Wallag-Muno
Steve Wallag-MunoCOO / Integrator
As our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Steve brings his leadership experience to keep our office operations, staffing and billing running smoothly. He leverages his marketing experience with Zingerman’s, Borders Group and University of Michigan, to lead the team creatively in the design of client materials.

Steve lives an active lifestyle as an avid bicyclist, ice skater and father of four fabulous kids.

Matt Robinson
Matt RobinsonFinancial Specialist
As our Financial Specialist, Matt brings his expertise in accounts receivable and accounts payable to coordinate our client billing and supplier payments. He brings over a decade worth of experience and supports the TL team with many other internal financial and accounting functions. Matt also takes time away from TorranceLearning to serve as a drilling reservist in the Michigan Army National Guard.

Matt enjoys playing an intriguing assortment of pretend games, like knights and dragons, with two rambunctious boys.

Susanne Vanden Bosch
Susanne Vanden BoschOffice Manager/Events Coordinator
As our Office Manager and Events Coordinator, Susanne keeps our office running smoothly. She handles everything from organizing office events to supporting Megan’s zany schedule, all the while juggling a myriad of day-to-day needs for the entire team.

Susanne volunteers throughout the Chelsea community, takes care of her family and pursues her passion of English riding and eventing.

Michelle Ucar
Michelle UcarInstructional Developer /Relationship Development
Michelle brings her experience with graphic design and course development to all her projects as one of our instructional developers. With a fine arts and print media background she brings her experience to set course standards and templates to enforce consistency over the course of a project.

Michelle and her son operate a custom food business, Julen’s Ausomesauce, to build skills and develop awareness of autism.

Alison Hass
Alison HassLearning Design & Development Team Lead
As our Learning Design and Development team lead, Alison draws from her experience as an educator and extensive repertoire of techniques to engage learners, inspire change and get the messages to stick.

Alison admits that she is a word nerd. She loves crosswords, word games and finding the perfect word for any situation.

Leanne Gee
Leanne GeeLearning Development Team Lead
As our Learning Development Team Lead, Leanne brings her instructional design and development experience to create meaningful learning solutions for our clients. She’s a formidable wordsmith with a strong background in written, technical, and visual communication.

Outside of work, you may find Leanne at a concert, buying shoes she doesn’t need, or catering to the demands of her diva bunny, Beans.

Matt Kliewer
Matt KliewerSoftware Developer
Matt brings his background in computer graphics, 3-D animation and filmmaking to support a variety of client needs as one of our software developers. He’s our go-to guy for geeky elearning interactions with data-rich results.

Matt enjoys experimenting with music, VR, Arduino and IoT projects while listening to comedy podcasts, and when his brain is full of that, watching movies and TV series on any number of streaming platforms.

Erin Steller
Erin StellerLMS Admin & Implementation Specialist
Erin handles some of our most complex client relationships, balancing learning design & development with platform integration and custom software. She leads our LMS implementation and administration services, leveraging her experience as an information architect and user experience designer to great advantage for our clients.

Erin is a wanderer at heart, whether by foot, bike or camper van! She is always on the lookout for a challenging trail, a new city to explore or the perfect plate of nachos.

Rachel Grant
Rachel GrantInstructional Developer
Rachel wears many hats! She’s a member of our instructional development team and she brings her background in public relations and event management to support our popular Download and xAPI Party events. She loves being able to use her creativity to bring engaging learning content to life.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys spending time with family and friends, and catching up on the latest true crime podcasts and documentaries.

Peter Guenther
Peter GuentherSoftware Developer
Peter brings his knowledge of computer programming, facilitating, and multimedia development to create software and data-rich learning experiences for our clients. Peter also hosts the xAPI Learning Cohort 24 weeks a year.

In his spare time he enjoys coding games, virtual and augmented reality.

Dean Castile
Dean CastileInstructional Developer
Dean manages to blend his career in music production with skills in software testing and cloud computing here at TorranceLearning. He manages video production projects and provide internal IT support.

Dean volunteers with the Chelsea Marching Band and enjoys watching his son compete in the Special Olympics.

Anne Demeter
Anne DemeterInstructional Designer
Anne brings her passion for learning to develop impactful learning experiences as one of our instructional designers. With a background in classroom teaching and instructional design she brings her experience into the instructional materials created for our clients.

In her spare time, Anne enjoys anything that allows her to be creative. Some of her favorites are crafting, scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Linda Yesh-McMaster
Linda Yesh-McMasterInstructional Designer
Linda leverages her human resource experience to design and deliver training for our clients as one of our instructional designers. With a background in needs analysis and training delivery she brings her experience into the design of learning solutions that meet client needs while engaging the learner.

Linda loves the sun and sand and spends vacation time on a beach.

Zari Ozturk
Zari OzturkInstructional Developer
Zari brings her experience in media and communication to create learning experiences for our clients as one of our instructional developers. With a background in publishing and journalism she brings her analytical eye to ensure we develop learning that is creative while still clearly communicating key points to learners.

Zari has written two children’s books, directed two award winning short films and a documentary. She’s translated seven children’s books from English to Turkish and coordinated the publishing of over a hundred books.

Barb FlemingSenior Learning Project Manager
Barb brings her experience with learning project management to handle project logistics as one of our project managers and instructional designers. Her attention to detail and personal approach allows her to support a variety of client needs.

Barb enjoys skiing and spending time up north with family and friends.

Linde HuangInstructional Designer
Linde brings her experience in software training and product management to her projects in learning software design. She loves the challenge of taking complex concepts and interactions and making them easy to understand and use.

Linde has a love of the arts, spending her free time taking dance classes, singing and songwriting, and making calligraphy greeting cards.

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