Custom Learning Design & Development

You wouldn’t have a competitive advantage in your industry if you did things the same way everyone else does. That means your core processes and methods can’t be learned anywhere else. TorranceLearning’s custom learning solutions help you capture and share your critical and unique knowledge and skills across the boundaries of space and time within your organization. Your secrets are safe with us. We take this so seriously that we don’t take on competing clients. Ever.

Put simply: we help our clients’ learners become more competent and confident so they can do their jobs better than ever. We design & build a lot of custom elearning, but that’s not the only tool in our toolbelt. Depending on the need, we bring in video, mobile, instructor-led, performance support and LMS portals.

What Makes Us Tick

We help people be more competent and confident so they can do.
Generous Collaboration
True + Kind + Necessary
All Hands On Deck
Right. On Time.
Pragmatic Creativities
People First
What gets us out of bed each day? Coffee. Working with friends. The “YES!” of an elegant solution. Seeing our teammates shine. Helping our clients become rockstars. Learning something new. Sharing what we know with others.



Elearning reaches all your people, day or night, over and over again with a consistent experience. It’s a mighty powerful tool. You’ve taken those courses that are, well, you know … boring. Useless. Laughable. Or that just miss the point. We build elearning your learners actually want to take.


Mobile Learning

When you’re building mobile into your overall performance strategy, you’ll want a strong connection to your formal learning, consistency with your look & feel, and an assurance that you’re not just building another new shiny toy that will be set aside minutes after they’re done with it.


Classroom Learning

Why should “e” get all the fun? We take the same action-focused approach with classroom instruction as we do with our online training. Get up and think, laugh a little, learn a lot.

Project Ignition Session

This meeting is designed to kick off the project and get feedback and buy-in from different key stakeholders and project sponsors. The larger and more complex a project is, the more important it is to get off to a solid start based on shared goals & expectations.

Agile Project Methods

We use Agile project management for our instructional design & course building. This allows us to make fine adjustments to course content while ensuring that the most important content gets prioritized for development. Particularly for fast-paced projects, our clients don’t always have all the content approved or even decided on at the start – our project planning lets us get started on the most ready-to-move pieces first. Find out more about our approach to Agile, which we call the Lot Like Agile Methods Approach.

Single Point of Contact

Throughout the course design and development process, you’ll work primarily with one person–the Instructional Designer. In addition to designing and writing the course, the Instructional Designer also serves as the project manager. He or she will consult regularly with you, work one-on-one with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and lead all production efforts. It’s the Instructional Designer’s job to seamlessly integrate all project components.

Network of Professional Service Providers

We have a well-developed network of service providers with expertise in a variety of disciplines. Just as you look to SMEs to provide expert course content, we look to these professionals to provide high-quality products and services. We are generalists and we are capable of handling many of these things in-house. Many projects, however, can benefit from the specialized expertise found in our network.

Depending on the project, we could bring in specialists for:

  • Voiceover
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Medical illustration
  • Application development
  • Website design