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How We Do It

Learner-Centered Microlearning

We get microlearning.

It seems that every learning and development professional wants to “go micro” and many of us have already done so. But going micro is more than just delivering bite-sized content. There are many different use cases and formats for microlearning, so when people say they’re using microlearning, they’re all doing something vastly different. In fact, we get this dynamic so well, we wrote a book that helps instructional designers figure out how to use microlearning best. Because let’s face it, even 5 minutes of training that doesn’t help you is a waste of your time.

We start with the learner in mind.

Organizations have business needs, and our goal is to meet those needs. But it’s people who do the work of the business, and for whom we create training and performance support. So we start by putting the learner at the center of our designs. We create personas, we consider their needs, we ask if they would want this training. And from there we are able to create outstanding materials that learners actually want to use.

The solution doesn’t have to be training.

In today’s rapidly changing and fast-paced world people don’t always have time to take training. Instead, people are looking to improve their performance by using materials as they work. We consider a variety of solutions, based on the learner’s work-flow and meeting their needs best. The solution may be an elearning module, but it may also be a pop-up on their computer screen or a well-placed text message.

We wrote the book on microlearning.

Carla Torgerson, author of Designing Microlearning (What Works in Talent Development), leads our learning experience strategy and design work.

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