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HOLA! Workshop xAPI Hands-on Learning & Application

The HOLA Workshop covers everything from the basics of What is xAPI? to Building an xAPI Roadmap for your organization. Along the way, learners will brainstorm business questions that can be answered with learning data, create an xAPI enabled prototype, and explore data within a Learning Record Store (LRS). Lessons include both informative (e.g., video, written content) and active (e.g., chat/reflection questions, interactive Storyline) learning activities in an easy-to-use learning platform.

Enroll your organization as a unit to create a “we’re in this together” interactive learning experience.

More advanced members of your team will have the opportunity to step up and exercise leadership, helping those who are newer to xAPI get their feet wet. Experts from TorranceLearning will also be monitoring your team’s experience and contributing insights as your team progresses—providing guidance to answer questions and prompting deeper engagement with the content and concepts.

This workshop utilizes a flipped classroom and blended learning approach. The content is broken into five asynchronous lessons and corresponding live sessions.

Intuitive templates are provided so that your team can easily dive in and start engaging with xAPI regardless of their prior experience. Trial access to statement builder will be provided to all workshop participants, enabling you to send rich xAPI statements from Storyline or Captivate.

Make this learning experience unique to your organization:

  • Custom welcome video specific to your organization, helping learners feel like this was created just for them.
  • Data from course activities sent to your own LRS (or Sandbox LRS).
  • Use of the Virtual Meeting platform of your choice.
  • Timed release of lessons to fit within the schedule that works best for your organization.