The Download is a unique way for learning and development professionals to connect, learn and share.

If you want to catch a smattering of what’s going on in learning, pick up some new ideas to put a new spark in your work, or share your latest ideas & thoughts, this is the place to be. On its face, the Download looks like a conference: learning professionals gather for a day, choose interesting topics, drink a lot of coffee and exchange ideas and business cards.

The Download is different.

Each session is much more like a discussion than a presentation. Q&A goes in all directions at the Download because everyone has something to share. There’s a relaxed community vibe about the Download as we welcome you into our professional home in a spirit of sharing. TorranceLearning has hosted more than a dozen Downloads since 2010. Here’s a blog post about the Download experience.

Here’s how it works.

We run several really short, concurrent discussions on a wide range of topics, all related to learning and development. You choose what you want to see, wander about as you wish. While the person facilitating a session certainly has something to share, the Q&A goes in all directions. Many of the sessions don’t even use PowerPoint or demos (crazy!).

Topics we’ve discussed at the Download in the past:

  • Certification & Performance Support using the Experience API
  • Learning & Culture in High Performing Organizations
  • Make Off-the-Shelf Learning Your Own
  • Iterative Development: Lather, Rinse, Repeat
  • Job Search Speed Dating
  • Business Acumen for the Enterprise
  • Writing with Images
  • Developing a Learning Culture
  • Learning Transfer: Making it stick after they leave the classroom
  • A Few of TL’s Favorite Tools
  • Asynchronous Learning & Under-Prepared Learners
  • The Many Faces of Performance Support
  • Leadership: What’s next?
  • Getting it Right: Organization Factors that Contribute to Successful Learning Interventions
  • What’s Your Story? Storytelling for Organizational Learning
  • Ethics in Learning: Who owns what when we live in a world of free content?
  • How do you Sell Learning Within the Organization?
  • Using Video & Elearning to turn classrooms upside down
  • A Strategic Planning & Learning Space
  • Social Networking and the learning environment: What is it doing for you?
  • Things are a-Changin’: Org Flux & Its Impact on Learning
  • The Big Picture: Visual Storytelling
  • Choose Wisely: Key Pieces to the Talent Selection Puzzle
  • Video Tips & Tricks on a Dime
  • MOOC Mash-Up
  • Flipping the Workplace
  • Ignored…Wait to Record: Setting Up for Screencast Success

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