xAPI Activities at DevLearn:

Want to learn more about xAPI? Here’s what’s going on outside of DevLearn:

  • The next xAPI Party is on Dec 9. This is a full day of xAPI education, application and case studies including reports out from the xAPI Learning Cohort projects. This is a free event, hosted by TorranceLearning in Chelsea, MI (fly in to DTW). There’s also an online attendance option for one of the schedule tracks.
  • The next xAPI Learning Cohort is just around the corner and it’s perfect for you – even better, you’re perfect for it! Because whether you’re just taking your first tentative steps into xAPI or you’re running full speed into implementation, the Learning Cohort has a place for you. Sign up here!

    The xAPI Learning Cohort is a combination of whole-group weekly meetings chock-full of introductory information, practical how-tos, and high-level discussions of the implications for our industry and small groups where participants work together on real-life projects that interest them. It’s a mix of social learning, direct instruction, and learning by doing. Best of all, the Cohort is FREE, virtual (so anyone anywhere in the world can participate), and tool/platform agnostic.

  • xAPI Quarterly is an online journal of case studies, deep thoughts and how-to
  • xAPI Camp hosted by Connections Forum
  • Investigating Performance, the first definitive book on designing for outcomes with xAPI
  • Learn xAPI – more resources than you can imagine

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