One of the biggest cultural shifts that new team members at TorranceLearning face isn’t our casual-every-day dress code or the lack of enclosed offices. It’s not the open book finance or the daily sync up sessions. Nope. It’s our fearless estimating.

We take an Agile project management approach to estimating:

  1. We break things down into small pieces.
  2. We estimate each piece with no padding, no “just in case,” no safety margin.
  3. We communicate with each other when we know if the estimate is off.
  4. We don’t punish people who exceed their estimates. We thank them for letting us know.
  5. We communicate with amazing transparency with our clients.

This article describes our approach to Fearless Estimating in some more depth.

This takes new team members some getting used to. And it takes new clients some getting used to. But it’s all part of our very transparent approach to working with each other, and it’s essential to our ability to get great courses delivered to our clients on time, in budget, and just what they need.