LLAMA is everywhere! And now you can learn our Lot Like Agile Management approach in the November issue of TD at Work. The Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly known as ASTD) publishes this very practical series every month, with techniques ready to implement. This month, it’s all about Agile.

What’s really great about the state of Agile in the training industry is the newness of it all. We’re still in early adopter phase here, where a few people are putting it into action and finding out what works (and what doesn’t). And a whole lot of people are standing at the very edge of the sidelines poised to jump in.

When we do find other Agile adopters out there, we have instant new friends on our Agile journey. What tools do you use? Are you XP or Scrum-based? How do you run your Kanban boards? What’s your estimating basis? It’ll be important for us Agile aficionados to help newcomers feel welcome into our world of jargon. That’s where publications like the TD at Work come in.