We are completely geeked to announce our new Eleventure elearning library, a business skills curriculum designed for and hosted on the LearnCore LMS platform. The first 30 courses in the series cover a broad range of business skills to help employees take their performance, their careers and their organizations to the next level.

“With Eleventure, think about ‘elevating your business venture’ with all those things you need to succeed in your worklife,” says CEO Megan Torrance. “There’s a point in your career where you need to start looking bigger. You need to build teams, work with others, communicate your ideas, craft a value proposition, build a virtual team, work across generations … all those things that they never really teach you in school. That’s what Eleventure is all about.”

Training leaders know that elearning is awesome. When you’re responsible for training a large number of people, elearning lets you reach a large number of people, wherever and whenever they need it, in a repeatable and trackable way. We think about it this way: With elearning, employees get a consistent message time and time again, without travel, without time away from work, without having to buy donuts and reserve the training room. Everyone’s on the same page, at precisely the time and place they need to be there.

But when you’re buying an off-the-shelf curriculum, your number one concern is about adoption. A lot of elearning out there is downright boring. And it doesn’t even come with donuts. No one bounds into work in the morning eager to take the latest elearning course. That’s what keeps training leaders awake at night. And it was foremost on our mind when we created Eleventure.

“The way we consume content is changing, but corporate training hasn’t kept up with the trend toward instant, bite-sized content,” says LearnCore Cofounder Vishal Shah. “This has resulted in poor adoption and experience with training. Eleventure is flipping that idea and building professional content in a fast, fresh, action-oriented format. We are excited to merge the best learning platform in LearnCore with the best content in Eleventure and create an experience that people actually want.”