It’s about time. Are you ready? The world needs you to be a mentor. Megan’s recent blog post on DBusiness Daily News: It’s Time for You to be The Mentor has gotten more than a bit of traction. We think it’s because people are ready to help others grow and, at the same time, grow their own skills and knowledge.

The DBusiness blog post touches on some reasons to be a mentor and a number of ways to do it. From an instructional design and performance development perspective, being a mentor allows a seasoned professional to expand his or her skills by creating an opportunity to step back and see a bigger picture. When you mentor, you’re teaching and guiding. This requires you to recall and select from your experiences, generalize what you’ve learned and use it in a new context and guide – not dictate – someone else’s performance. These are all higher-order activities that often require support.

(Check out Megan’s September 2014 TD Magazine article on the Nine Moments of Learning for more on how this fits into an instructional design approach.)