CHELSEA, MICHIGAN – TorranceLearning was awarded the Greater Washtenaw Region of the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center (MI-SBTDC) 2011 Best Small Business Award on May 3, 2012. The MI-SBTDC selected 13 companies out of the over 14,000 companies they worked with in 2011 for the award. These companies were chosen based on their success in creating jobs, increasing sales, improving their business strategy, and involvement with the MI-SBTDC. An awards ceremony held in Lansing, Michigan was part of the 8th annual “Michigan Celebrates Small Business” awards dinner.

TorranceLearning CEO Megan Torrance was referred to the Greater Washtenaw region of the MI-SBTDC by a fellow small business owner in 2008. She started meeting with Regional Director Charlie Penner, who helped her address the important parts of growing a small business like marketing, financials, and employee culture. He worked with her as she obtained a small business loan and twice relocated to larger, more visible locations. Penner helped Torrance plan and implement her growth strategies and acted as a sounding board, while at the same time holding her accountable for goals like customer diversification and leadership development. In addition, Penner directed her to a wide variety of community resources that were available to help Torrance as she grew her business. TorranceLearning still reflects Torrance’s unique entrepreneurial spirit, and currently staffs 14 full-time employees.

The MI-SBTDC provides counseling, business education, information-based planning and technology commercialization to new and existing businesses throughout Michigan’s 83 counties. For more information about TorranceLearning’s work with MI-SBTDC, visit

About TorranceLearning

TorranceLearning is a Chelsea, Michigan-based company that specializes in creating learning solutions for clients with unique or proprietary needs. The company has worked with clients from the Fortune 50 to small and medium-sized organizations in order to design and build custom training, which is then delivered via the Internet to the organization’s employees, customers, and members. TorranceLearning works with each client’s subject matter experts to build engaging learning experiences for their learners so they can be more productive, grow in their roles, and increase their capacity for change.