A great post from Instructional Designer, Alison Hass.

Does anyone else think in Facebook? As I observe the absurdities and banalities of life, I find myself thinking, “That would be a funny post,” or “I wonder how many ‘likes’ that would get.” I used to witness an irony and think, “That would make a good poem” or notice an intriguing couple and wonder, “What’s their story? I bet it would make a good movie.” Now, instead of planning meter or plot twists, I plan status updates. Decades ago, when technology pundits forecasted that computers would change our lives, did they realize that would extend to the way we think?

It’s not awful to think in snippets. I enjoy the challenge of capturing all that a moment signifies in just a couple, mind-catching phrases and frankly, some of my thoughts just aren’t worth more than a couple lines. But I’m old enough to remember the days pre-speed of light communication and I sometimes miss the space one had to explore all one’s thoughts. Of course, you could argue that Facebook (and all the associated techno- communications it represents) does not demand that I abandon my lengthy ruminations. And you are right to make such an argument. It doesn’t require that I contract my thinking, just my posts. Alas, I enjoy the ego-boosting world of Facebook with its likes and comments, and it seems that the price of such gratification is a brain that has been conditioned to think in pithy posts rather than protracted thoughts.

I’m not yearning for life the way it used to be in the good old days (well, sometimes I do). Life is change and just as I have adapted to Facebook, I’m sure I will adapt to the next revolution in technology, communication and their intersection. After all, you are only reading these words because of such a revolution and I’m not unaware of that irony. I’m not bemoaning my conversion to Facebook thinking, just recognizing that as we adopt something new I may have to bid a wistful farewell to old habits.

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