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Elearning is arguably the greenest way to train your team, and we take our own green pretty seriously. Here are a few of the things we do:

  • We deliver our working files and course deliverables electronically whenever possible. When we do have to send physical files, we provide reusable thumb drives instead of hard-to-recycle CDs.
  • We avoid printing whenever feasible. Our office paper and our business cards are 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.
  • We recycle paper, plastics, glass, cardboard, and metal. We also encourage employees to bring in items from home that are difficult to recycle – from electronics to greeting cards — and we recycle them as a team.
  • We compost our coffee grounds and veggie scraps with an onsite electric composter.
  • We use real mugs, plates, silverware, and cloth towels – no disposables.
  • We recycle and refill our printer cartridges.
  • We use Energy Star™ computer equipment and appliances.
  • We’ve been recognized for our recycling and waste-reduction efforts by the Washtenaw County (MI) Waste Knot Program.

It’s so much more than “being green” for us. It’s a matter of stewardship. “Stewardship” is an old and somewhat stodgy word, but it’s a deeply meaningful concept that has to do with taking care of the gift you’ve been given, and leaving things better for the next generation. In addition to our green office practices, we donate 1% of annual sales to a variety of global and local charities.

Are you looking to clean up your own green? Is elearning a part of that commitment? Then you’ll want to check this out: