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TorranceLearning is an elearning design & development company located outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the delightful little town of Chelsea.

Since we partner with our clients’ subject matter experts, the sky’s the limit when it comes to content. We’ve learned about all sorts of interesting things from our clients — from sports concussions, to how to run a bone marrow registration drive, to global pricing strategies, to divorce mediation techniques to spray dried cheese powder… and whatever comes next. We’re constantly learning. Our clients tell us that we become more valuable to them over time, because we know how they work and we put that knowledge to good use.

We’re committed to creating the kind of workplace that makes us want to come to work. That starts with hiring only the nicest, smartest, most fun people we can find. Then we let them work flexible schedules, feed them healthy snacks and keep the coffee pot full. When we’re happy, we’re creative. We happen to think it shows.


The New Small by Phil SimonDon’t just take our word for it!

TorranceLearning is featured in Phil Simon’s book The New Small.

“TorranceLearning shows how New Small companies hire
employees who enjoy experimentation and learn by doing.”