TorranceLearning (an elearning production company in Chelsea, MI) is producing several short video vignettes for the University of Michigan Health System Stroke Department. The purpose of the videos is to help viewers determine what are, and what are not, symptoms of stroke, and decide what action to take.

The style of these videos (and the acting required) will be naturalistic and casual. We are attempting to create realistic “slice-of-life” scenarios.

We are shooting 10 videos in English, and the same with different actors in Spanish.

Here are some details:

  • Each video is about 1-2 minutes long
  • Paid roles (non-union) – $250
  • Will be filmed in and around Chelsea, MI (Ann Arbor area)
  • Travel compensation up to 100 mile radius of Chelsea, MI
  • Dates are in October and November 2014

Roles we need:

  • Mother 1 (age 50-70)
  • Mother 2 (age 55-70)
  • Grandfather (age 60-75)
  • Son (age 16-24)
  • Two men (ages 25-40)

Click here to see sample scripts in English and Spanish.

Click here to see:
Home Script (Mother/Daughter – ENGLISH)
Home Script (Mother/Daughter – ESPANOL)
Office Script (2 Men – ENGLISH)

Send a video audition!

Record yourself reading one of the scripts above (in English or Spanish, depending on the role you’re reading for).

Send us the video file by email, or upload it to a video service (i.e.,YouTube) and include it in the contact from below (or email us the link:

Thank you!