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August 6-8, 2013

3 Day Schedule:

Day 1

  • Create Level 1 elearning
  • Add text, graphics, video & audio
  • Add animations & synch audio
  • Add notes
  • Configure player, logo, options
  • Set publish settings for LMS, web, or other delivery
  • Add Storyline graphics & templates shipped with product
  • Create layers, pages, and scenes
  • Publish a level 1 course & complete one review cycle

Day 2

  • Create Level 2 elearning
  • Add different types of quiz questions
  • Set quiz parameters (question banks, scoring, etc.)
  • Use interactive elements shipped with Storyline
  • Use triggers and states, Part 1
  • Publish a level 2 course and complete one review cycle

Day 3

  • Create Level 3 elearning
  • Set up branching
  • Use triggers and states, Part 2
  • Build interactive elements from scratch
  • Publish a level 3 course and complete one review cycle
  • Create templates for re-usable content presentation
  • Get help from the Articulate Community
  • Special considerations: mobile, multilingual, etc.

Includes breakfast & lunch & one Working Healthy Break per day.

In an ideal world, working and learning are not separate. Expect to do a lot of hands-on work … So bring your actual projects and actual content, logos, assets, etc. We will provide you with guidelines for what to bring upon completed registration.

Be prepared for something different! If you came to Camp and did nothing but sit in front of a computer all day, we don’t think you’d learn as much. Each day we’ll have a uniquely stimulating Working Healthy Break that might include Massage, African Hand Drumming, Yoga for Desk Warriors … just to name a few!

1:5 instructor to participant ratio

Price = $1545

Post-camp Q&A/troubleshooting support offered at a discounted rate of $75/hour to support your development work. (This rate does not include instructional design and development if you want us to actually develop the course for you.)

Maximum of 10 people per class so we’re best able to focus on exactly what you need!

Email Megan to sign up.

Download PDF flyer here.