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Megan Torrance
Megan TorranceChief Energy Officer
Megan brings over a decade of business consulting and project management experience to her instructional design and development work. She teaches our LLAMA (Agile project management) and instructional design classes, kicks off new design projects and makes sure everyone’s having a good time. Elearning guru by day, and ice hockey goaltender by night, Megan is devoted to not only delivering outstanding work to clients, but also creating a top-notch work environment based on trust, flexibility, compassion, and fun.
Willem Van Reesema
Willem Van ReesemaClient Relationship Developer - Business Development
Call Willem if you need our team to help you develop or respond to a Request for Information (RFI), a Request for Quote (RFQ), or a Request for Proposal (RFP).  Willem is passionate about rolling out the welcome mat and bringing new clients on-board TorranceLearning.  He helps new clients develop eLearning business solutions, helps define their scope of work, helps them prepare budgets, works with both sides to implement new win/win contracts, and constantly communicates with all stakeholders to ensure at a high level that we all stay on-track and in-budget until project final delivery and customer delight.
Steve Wallag-Muno
Steve Wallag-MunoCOO / Integrator
Steve joined the TorranceLearning team in late 2016. He brings tons of leadership experience in marketing, business and project management having served a number of high profile organizations such as Zingerman’s, Borders Group and the University of Michigan. Steve’s legacy includes the branding for Ann Arbor’s Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, including their eponymous brand font MunoBold.

Even in his spare time Steve rarely sits still; he is an avid bicyclist, ice skater and enjoys trying to keep up as the father of four fabulous kids!

Steve is our COO and “Integrator” keeping our operations running smoothly. He’s in charge of staffing, office operations and billing – and creative direction.

Michelle Ucar
Michelle UcarInstructional Developer /
Relationship Development
Michelle is a graphic designer and course developer with a fine arts and print media background. As one of our most experienced course developers, Michelle is often responsible for setting a course standard and template, and helping to enforce that consistency over the course of a project. At the same time, she has overseen the gradual evolution of course designs with some of our most long-standing clients whose “look and feel” have been updated over the years.
Meg Fairchild
Meg FairchildInstructional Designer/Developer
Meg Fairchild joined TorranceLearning in 2011 and she’s worked on a variety of projects with us from course development to instructional design and consulting. She’s also our lead learning management system administrator and she’s a pro at making sure courses and LMSes play nice together.
Matt Kliewer
Matt KliewerInstructional Developer
Matt Kliewer joined the TorranceLearning team in 2011, bringing with him a background in computer graphics & 3D animation and a passion for filmmaking. Matt’s our go-to guy for filming & editing video, YouTube, amazing graphics and geeky elearning interactions.
Alison Hass
Alison HassInstructional Designer
Alison Hass joined TorranceLearning in 2014. She was a classroom educator for 10 years before transitioning from the chalkboard to the computer screen. Now she’s one of our instructional designers, drawing on her extensive repertoire of techniques to engage learners, inspire change, and get the message to stick. Alison’s an admitted word nerd; she loves crosswords, word games, and finding the perfect word for every situation.
Caitlin Beuche
Caitlin BeucheInstructional Designer
A transplant to Michigan from Austin, Texas, Caitlin’s degree in biology and experience with tech startups and marketing gives her an interest in the convergence of science and business. She brings this interest and experience to the instructional design of various projects at TorranceLearning.
Valerie DiScuillo
Valerie DiScuilloInstructional Developer
Valerie enjoys the creativity of course building, and also places a high priority on standards and efficiency. She is quick to smile and enjoys organizing and playing board games in her spare time.
Leanne Gee
Leanne GeeInstructional Designer
Leanne has worn a few different hats at TorranceLearning; her current being that of an instructional designer. She’s also a formidable wordsmith—with a strong background in written and technical communication—and our resident screencaster extraordinaire.
Erin Steller
Erin StellerLMS Admin & Implementation Specialist
Erin joined the team in early 2016. After years working as an information architect and user experience designer, she comes to TorranceLearning ready to play with data and create amazing experiences for clients and learners alike!
Rachel Grant
Rachel GrantOffice Manager/Events Coordinator
After doing many internships within the team, Rachel became an official member of TorranceLearning in 2016. She brought her background in public relations and event management along with her. She handles everything from organizing events that happen within the office, to handling Megan’s crazy schedule.
Thara Visvanathan
Thara VisvanathanInstructional Designer
Thara has a background in psychology and education. She has worked on a variety of writing and editing projects in India and the US. She enjoys the creative process behind instructional design and being able to build a course that will engage the learner from start to finish. Thara loves a good game of Scrabble, listening to music, and dreaming of opening a restaurant in the distant future.
Lisa Carpenter
Lisa CarpenterInstructional Developer
Lisa has been a graphic designer for nearly 30 years. She combines her extensive experiences in print and interactive media to create instructional experiences that have been described as delicious eye candy. When she’s not developing courses for our clients’ learners, she’s teaching her own as an instructor at Washtenaw Community College. Lisa gets her creative inspiration from working in her garden and being surrounded by nature.

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