ADDIE or Agile? A false dichotomy

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There’s a lot of buzz these days about whether we should abandon the training industry’s go-to model, ADDIE, for an Agile approach. The discussion has been rich, with elegant arguments made on both sides. A disclaimer: we’re all about Agile, or rather, LLAMA – the Lot Like Agile Methods Approach [...]

Pay it forward. Be a mentor.

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It’s about time. Are you ready? The world needs you to be a mentor. Megan’s recent blog post on DBusiness Daily News: It’s Time for You to be The Mentor has gotten more than a bit of traction. We think it’s because people are ready to help others grow and, at [...]

How We Use Lean Coffee for Rich Results

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“Lean Coffee is a discussion facilitation technique that helps a small group agree on topics and a structure for a discussion that otherwise has no specific agenda.” As a team of project managers, instructional designers, trainers and leaders, we do like our big box of tools and techniques we can [...]

Why do we teach Agile to elearning developers?

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“We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.” This is the preamble to the Agile Manifesto ( and it’s one of the most important pieces of the whole thing, as far as we’re concerned. It means we’ve learned this by experimenting, by [...]

Agile: An incredibly freeing way to work

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At a recent conference session on using Agile project methods for elearning (what we call LLAMA), an interesting question came up. I’ll paraphrase. “Doesn’t the project team think this is just incredibly controlling?” Uh, no... “Really? I tried to do something very much like this and nobody liked it. They [...]

Decisions, decisions … about learning media

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At this very moment an instructional designer somewhere in the world is making a very important decision. In a perfect world, this decision is being made near the beginning of the project. Learning & performance objectives are aligned with organizational outcomes and they've been confirmed with stakeholders. Subject matter experts [...]

The Countdown is on…

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The Download is Friday, May 10, 11-3:30 It's coming up fast...but, there is still space available! If you've got the time on your calendar for the next TorranceLearning Download conference, we'd love to have you! Click here to register! Writing with Images, Developing a Learning Culture, Learning Transfer: Making it stick after [...]

When an Upgrade brings you Down!

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“Internet Explorer 10 is fast and fluid. Everything you want to do on the web is a swipe or a tap away, and feels instant. Browser tabs and navigation controls appear only when you need them and quietly get out of the way when you don’t.” Boy, if that doesn’t [...]

Super Models of Blended Learning

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In the “what’s old is new all over again” category (no, I’m not talking about the disconcerting popularity of 80s “fashion”) there’s a lot of talk these days about blended learning. In February, I presented at the ASTD TechKnowledge conference on new tools for Blended Learning and it turned out to [...]