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Megan Torrance CEO TorranceLearning

On Time. In Budget.
What They Need.

(even if that changes!)

That’s what you can expect as you implement LLAMA or any of the Agile project management approaches. The software development industry is embracing Agile to address these issues and there is much that the elearning development world can learn from them. Agile provides a framework for adapting to change as it happens, and working with the client to deliver the content most-needed by learners. TorranceLearning has adapted Agile for instructional design and development projects – we call it the LLAMA (the Lot Like Agile Methods Approach).

In a workshop, you will learn about the Agile project management methods we’ve adapted and how our project teams actually use them on the job. Discover more about how Agile techniques improve centralizing information, keeping a project on track, tracking hours and resources more easily, and defining clear and measureable job tasks. We like to do this with hands-on, minds-on activities that you can apply at work. This lets you grapple with the questions Agile raises in a real-work situation and aids in the transfer to the job afterward because the hard work of getting started has already happened in the classroom.

When you’re done, you will be able to:

  1. Build the business case for Agile, LLAMA specifically, and iterative development with SMEs, project sponsors and your own team.
  2. Kick off projects in a way that helps you gather important information, create a shared definition of scope and create really action-focused elearning people actually want to take.
  3. Estimate and plan the project so you arrive on time, in budget.
  4. Build the environment to support an Agile project team
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