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That’s a lot of e!

e is a powerful letter. It’s so very en vogue these days. We happen to think there’s a lot of meaning behind the letter “e”. The term “elearning” (or “e-learning” or “eLearning”) has just one lonely little “e” at the front. Here’s why we spell it eeeeelearning.

everyone, everywhere (and all the time)

One of the key advantages of elearning is its consistency. Every person who needs to access it should be able to… from everywhere (with internet access).

What happens in your organization now when you roll out something big? Do you gather everyone together? Have a big communication and training blitz? Offer lots of support for getting on the bandwagon? Whether you have 50, 500, 5,000 or 50,000 people, you probably do a great job of this right now. But what about employee number 51? Or 50,001? That’s the person who gets hired just after the big blitz is over. Chances are, they don’t have the benefit of all that rollout energy. With elearning, you can be sure that the same message gets out consistently, even after the confetti has all been swept up and the posters have come off the walls.

engaging and effective

At TorranceLearning, we’re applying research-based approaches to engage learners. You’d be amazed at the attention that goes into the selection of visuals, audio, and interactive elements in each of our courses. But you won’t find any talking parrot avatars around here (unless, of course, you happen to be a pet store owner or an old-time pirate). Oh, sure, they might be fun, but these frills don’t necessarily add to the learning. What’s more: done poorly, they can be a distraction and not worth the money. Our instructional designers and our course builders work together to create interesting and effective courses. We choose the right professional voiceover artist, the right graphics, and the right style for the material and for your organization’s culture.

easy to manage

When you get right down to it, elearning is an easy option for deploying consistent training over geography and time. No classroom scheduling, no catering, no expensive airfare or delayed flights. No burnt coffee, no photocopier jams, no funny flipchart marker smells.

elearning + a learning management system = easy to deploy and manage training

TorranceLearning’s courses can be deployed in AICC or SCORM compliant learning management systems (LMS) — they’re happy wherever they land. From there, the LMS does the heavy lifting for course enrollment, status tracking, and reporting.

Don’t have an LMS? That’s OK. If you don’t need registration and tracking, you might not need one. If you do need an LMS, we’ve worked with several and can help you find one that fits your needs. You may even be interested in Learnzilla, our turnkey LMS support service.

Don’t get us wrong — there’s nothing like live training to bring together a group of people, manipulate a piece of equipment, practice communication & problem-solving skills, and the like. But for all the other situations … why bother with the fuss?


We’re guessing your budget didn’t win the lottery. Depending on your situation, elearning can be an economical approach. We’ve talked with clients who were looking for elearning to cut these types of costs:

  • airfare and hotels
  • instructor fees
  • instructor time
  • staff time to cover the instructor’s job while teaching
  • staff time to cover the learners’ jobs while in class
  • the time spent answering questions that were supposed to have been covered in training already

Spend your money wisely! What don’t you need to be paying for?


We live in fast and interesting times. As Web 2.0 becomes integrated into our daily lives, we have new ways of connecting with others and learning new skills. Some clients simply identify the material that’s most likely to change — then we figure out creative & economical ways to keep the course updated over time. Other clients are looking at mlearning, performance support systems, or complete online social learning, supported by professional moderators. Shouldn’t your learning evolve as fast as your business? We sure think so.


Traditional training methods can have a big environmental footprint. Depending on the locations of your learners, their travel and hotel stays may represent thousands of tons of CO2 emissions. Sourced from renewable resources (ideas!), elearning emits no more greenhouse gasses than checking your email.