Project Background:

TorranceLearning (an elearning production company in Chelsea, MI) is producing a series of courses covering basic business skills. These courses will be sold online globally.

We are looking for a cast of professionals aged 30-45 of all genders and ethnicities to serve as online hosts the courses. We’ll need energetic, charismatic people who can convey a professional and friendly appearance on screen. Ideally we will create a cast of 6-8 course hosts who each narrate several courses. Acting or stage experience is helpful.

The style of these videos (and the acting required) will be energetic, authentic and casual. These are fun, but not necessarily funny.

Here are some details:

  • Each video is about 3-5 minutes long, with each course requiring up to 8 videos
  • Paid roles (non-union)
  • Will be filmed in Chelsea, MI (Ann Arbor area) throughout the fall of 2014

If you’d like to send a video audition, record yourself reading the script below, then send us a link to the video using the contact form at the bottom of the page. You may also use the contact form to send us any questions you have about the project.


Are you ready to take on the coaching challenge? Coaches build relationships that foster results targeted to performance outcomes. Even though most coaching partnerships are usually short-term the best coaches establish credibility, trust, and communication.

Credibility means you have the professional capacity to help someone gain new knowledge or learn a particular job skill or behavior. It doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers, or know exactly how to do all the functions of a job. But it does mean you’re willing to acknowledge the areas where you may need to bring in other resources to help, so that the person you’re coaching has access to the expertise they need.