Part retreat, part workshop and part lab, Clocktower Labs offers businesses the opportunity to engage in energetic and specific training sessions, workshops, classes, seminars and special events in new product development, innovation, creativity, design, branding, technology, organizational development, learning and business marketing… whatever you need to take your business and your event to the next level.

Clocktower Labs is a state of mind, as much as a comfortable, inspirational, collaborative workspace. Once the door is closed, the imagination begins. Emerge with the skills and toolsets necessary to enhance sales and marketing, business performance, innovation planning or launch new products and services.

At its essence, Clocktower Labs is a collaborative, open workspace and innovation lab at the intersection of Michigan’s industrial history and the knowledge economy of the future. It is a creative, inspiring space where business leaders can immerse themselves in the concept ideation and shaping process, discovery and new learning practices.
Primarily, workshops, ideation and training sessions, strategy and planning meetings and social gatherings are conducted in the space. However, as you read this, innovative minds are thinking of new and exciting ways to make the most of the Labs space.
In addition to a thriving, creative workspace, you will be afforded access to branding, design, technology, training and business experts (or bring your own experts) … as well as collaborative tools and processes, community building and networking. In short, you’ll have access to everything you need to foster change.
Small and large corporations, business and non-profit organizations, academic institutions and individual professionals are all welcome at Clocktower Labs.
Usage contracts are established on an individual basis. Options include annual and monthly membership packages, individual hourly rates (dependent on full or partial space rental) and tailored programs.
Hosted by TorranceLearning, Clocktower Labs is the brainchild of TorranceLearning, NewFoundry and Michelle Massey Barnes Photography.