White space

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I was talking the other day with Joey, a course builder with TorranceLearning. We were comparing our experiences visiting a particular country. As it turns out, we’ve both visited the same two cities there – one is an exciting, vibrant, chaotic, noisy, huge bustling metropolis – think New York City, [...]

Detroit Start-Up City… Heck yeah!

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I love the news. I grew up with the news. My father’s a journalist and a journalism professor, so I guess it’s in my blood. And I’ll be among the first to say that good news often doesn’t make the news. IMHO that’s why we hear more about small business [...]

The joint is jumpin’!

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We’ve got a few big projects this summer so we’ve picked up some new team members to help with the load. Nearly doubling in size in a matter of 3 weeks is a pretty big — and fun — challenge! It’s been a great chance to hone our onboarding process, [...]

How to get it all done? Take the Next Action

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Here’s the first of our guest posts by our summer team. Joey has relocated to the Ann Arbor area for our project this summer. She gets things done … Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen is an instruction manual for creating a highly effective to-do [...]

On course building and building building

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Here’s the second post from our summer team. Bob Cameron has an MA in Urban Planning, and that gives him a somewhat different perspective on building an elearning course. I’ve been a course builder at TorranceLearning for a little over a month. My background is in graphic design and urban [...]


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Dan Mulhern is an expert in leadership, gender, and organizational culture. He has a strong interest in promoting both the strength of workers’ families and work productivity. In a recent Mother’s Day-inspired blog post, Mulhern suggests that a great gift for working moms is to give them flexibility in their [...]

The TL salon

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In my 12th grade Humanities class, we were introduced to the salons of 17th and 18th Century France. I’ll admit it: I didn’t get it. A bunch of people getting together in someone’s living room to talk about ideas? How was this event important enough and repeated enough to make [...]

Recap: TechTwilight

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Remember making projects for the science fair as a kid? It was fun to display your own solar-powered LEGO car or mini wind tunnel for all to see, and to walk around and see what cool things the other kids made, too. Ann Arbor has its own version of a [...]

The dynamics in the room …

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I was quoted in a recent article on AnnArbor.com, as saying: “Don’t simply assume that the loudest voices in the room are necessarily any brighter, more experienced, or better suited for the task at hand than you are.” Megan Torrance, coach, and Penguins ice hockey team The article [...]

Taking the time to learn

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There’s been a lot of talk lately in the training and development world about harnessing the power of informal learning. Informal learning is the type of day-to-day learning that occurs often when we mean to be doing something else. It’s learning by play, by exploring, by impromptu conversation, by paying [...]