Agile In Action —The Debrief

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The final principle of the Agile Manifesto states, “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.” The TL team put this into practice last week in a de-briefing session for a large-scale project. Everyone who had his or her [...]

You mean I have to know the day of the week, too?

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My sister was in first grade when she discovered that she would be responsible for keeping track of the days of the week. She knew the days of the week: she could spell them and memorized their order and even understood that they looped around infinitely. What she didn’t care [...]

The TL salon

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In my 12th grade Humanities class, we were introduced to the salons of 17th and 18th Century France. I’ll admit it: I didn’t get it. A bunch of people getting together in someone’s living room to talk about ideas? How was this event important enough and repeated enough to make [...]

Soaking it up: Providing processing time in learning design

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Fast. Rapid. Quick. Isn’t it what we’ve all come to expect? What would we do without high speed internet access, rapid development and quick-turn-around-time? But how do fast, rapid and quick impact learning? Julian Stodd’s recent blog post on reflection time in learning got me to thinking. Avoid This We’ve [...]

Do you think in Facebook?

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A great post from Instructional Designer, Alison Hass. Does anyone else think in Facebook? As I observe the absurdities and banalities of life, I find myself thinking, “That would be a funny post,” or “I wonder how many ‘likes’ that would get.” I used to witness an irony and think, [...]

TorranceLearning creates video for Chelsea Rotary

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Check out an article from our intern Natalie Hewitt about a recent project. About a month ago, Megan came in to the office with a new project idea – one that would help out the local Rotary club she is involved in and at the same time help out the [...]

How to find what you need on your computer

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Does your computer desktop look like aftermath of a 4th of July picnic? Things strewn here, there, everywhere with no easy way to find what you’re looking for? You knew you were going need that all that stuff so you thought you’d just save it to your desktop so it’d [...]

Think Inside the Box

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This blog post was contributed by Alison Hass, an instructional designer and wizard with words. “Think outside the box” has become wearisome, and worse – misleading. Intended as an exhortation to be creative, its overuse indicates people are being anything but. Of more concern than the phrase’s ubiquity is that [...]

Elearning Aesthetics

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In Bill Kerschbaum’s blog post ‘Why the iPad User Guide Matters’ he makes the case for good design as a necessity for effective content delivery. He points out that Apple cares about the design of their technical documents as much as they do about the design of their products because [...]

Starting on a project that zooms: How to hit the ground swimming

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Here’s the third post in our summer team guest blogging. Meg Fairchild has an MS in Environmental Studies and swims really fast. That’s impressive because, well, lets just say that Megan has to concentrate really hard just to blow bubbles without drowning herself. We are now four weeks into a [...]