The xAPI Party schedule

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It’s time to xAPI Party! We’re eager to share learning & ideas with fellow builders and experimenters with the xAPI. This is our 4th xAPI Party event and among the demos you’ll see the work of several Learning Cohort teams who’ve been doing real work and learning together [...]

Catch up with Megan at ATD ICE 2016

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Catch up with Megan at ATD ICE 2016 Sunday, May 22 Community Express S4CE – Learning Technologies Fast Track 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM | Session Description | Add to my ATDICE 2016 planner   Tuesday, May 24 Concurrent Session TU219 – Adventures in xAPI 1:00 AM – 2:00 [...]

xAPI Learning Cohorts – Feb 2016 Launch

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Only a few more days until we kick off the Spring 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort! We’re pleased as punch to be able to offer this hands-on learning experience to those who are interested in learning about – and playing with – xAPI. There’s just a super-simple form to fill [...]

xAPI Community

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I just returned from ATD’s TechKnowledge 2016, where I learned all sorts of groovy stuff: cool tricks for Adobe Connect, the value of microvideo, best practices for MOOCs. However, as is often the case, the most potent lesson didn’t come from any of the fabulous presenters’ direct instruction. Instead, [...]

Curious About xAPI? Join our xAPI Learning Cohort!

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  The Experience API (xAPI), also known as the Tin Can API, is gaining some serious traction in the eLearning world. It’s a technical specification that tracks learning and performance – recognizing that many learning experiences occur outside of the traditional LMS and web browser. (Not as familiar with [...]

Ain’t No Party like an xAPI Party…

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On December 3rd, we hosted our third xAPI party at our office here in Chelsea, MI. In other words, we spent the day with an enthusiastic group of learners, had a ton of good, geeky fun, and got to call it work. We’re pretty fortunate. As you may know, [...]

DevLearn 2014 video about Agile

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LLAMA is based on Agile project management and Agile is based on “doing it and helping others do it.” In this spirit, Megan is busy helping others manage projects using an agile approach. Learn more about Agile and LLAMA by watching this Mark Gibson interview with Megan:

Task Cards

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Have you ever played paddle ball? Where a rubber ball soars high, is pulled back down, and soars back up again? Sometimes that’s what project management feels like. One minute you’re up high, surveying the entire project and the next minute you’re bouncing back to deal with the details of [...]