Recap: TechTwilight

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Remember making projects for the science fair as a kid? It was fun to display your own solar-powered LEGO car or mini wind tunnel for all to see, and to walk around and see what cool things the other kids made, too. Ann Arbor has its own version of a [...]

The dynamics in the room …

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I was quoted in a recent article on, as saying: “Don’t simply assume that the loudest voices in the room are necessarily any brighter, more experienced, or better suited for the task at hand than you are.” Megan Torrance, coach, and Penguins ice hockey team The article [...]

Taking the time to learn

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There’s been a lot of talk lately in the training and development world about harnessing the power of informal learning. Informal learning is the type of day-to-day learning that occurs often when we mean to be doing something else. It’s learning by play, by exploring, by impromptu conversation, by paying [...]

It’s Game On! time

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It’s Game On! at TorranceLearning. No, we’re not playing a street hockey game with Wayne and Garth or watching a marathon of a 1980s Canadian sports trivia show. Game On! is a month-long fitness challenge in which you face off against another individual or team and try to out-do each [...]

Books we love

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From time to time, we get pretty jazzed up here at the office about a book. Here are a few of our recent business lit favorites: The New Small, by Phil Simon (read Megan’s review) The Go-Giver, by John David Mann Getting Naked: A business fable about shedding the three [...]

Our interactive book club

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Megan surprised us last month at our Monday morning staff meeting. She passed out a copy of a book called The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann to each of us and explained that we were all going to read the book on our own, and then talk [...]

We do this thing called “the Download”

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It’s not really a conference. Not even a mini-conference. Well, sort of. The Download is a unique way for learning and development professionals to connect, learn and share. If you want to catch a smattering of what’s going on in learning, pick up some new ideas to put a new [...]

Authentic Megan

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The joke around our office is that Megan can’t talk without a whiteboard. It’s not like I can draw well or anything. It’s just that I get thinking in 3D and it’s just much faster that way, much richer and more memorable. Besides, almost all the whiteboards in our office [...]

Lots and lots of job movement out there…

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The other day, LinkedIn sent me this Facebook-esque montage to show me how many of my contacts changed their job titles in 2010. In fact, 92 out of my 513 contacts changed their job titles. That’s just under 20%. Wow. Seems like a lot. Now, I know some of people [...]

Life at the intersection of learning and business

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It occurred to me recently that, while much of the discussion around “work/life balance” assumes that the two don’t ever coincide, I actually continue to live even after I walk through the office door. In fact, sometimes even more so…. although that may simply be a factor of the length [...]