Only a few more days until we kick off the Spring 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort! We’re pleased as punch to be able to offer this hands-on learning experience to those who are interested in learning about – and playing with – xAPI. There’s just a super-simple form to fill out and you’re in!

But, you might be wondering, what exactly am I in for?

Lots of professional development

The Cohort is a group of people who want to know more about xAPI. Some already know a bunch and some are just beginning to explore xAPI. Each end of the xAPI knowledge continuum is valuable as the experts share their knowledge and lessons learned and the novices ask questions that force clarification and new insights. The bonus is that this is all done in a risk-free environment.

A free, vendor-neutral learning community

Yep, this experience is FREE! We’re happy to serve as Cohort facilitator and we’ll host the virtual meetings. No other organization is sponsoring the event and there are no expectations that participants use particular vendors to develop their projects. In fact, the Cohort is the perfect setting for a candid discussion about what services and programs are out there and the merits of each.

Usable outputs

The large Cohort is divvied up into smaller groups based on participant interests. These smaller teams work together to develop an xAPI project that fills a real-world or a fictitious but authentic need. These projects might have immediate implementation and value or could serve as a use case to get buy-in from others in your organization. The 2015 Learning Cohort teams worked on xAPI data visualizations, website usage tracking, leadership & soft skills training, and Internet of Things applications. We can’t wait to see what will be created this time around!

A party!

The entire cohort meets weekly on Thursdays at 2pm Eastern via Adobe Connect. The first meeting is on February 11 and the final meeting will be on April 28. Each team will decide independently how and when they’ll meet to move their project forward. We’ll celebrate one another’s successes with demos and other topical sessions at TorranceLearning’s fourth xAPI Party! Join us in person at our Chelsea, MI, office for a full day of xAPI nerdiness on Thursday, May 12. If you’d like, stick around for our annual Download conference to be held on Friday, May 13. Both of these events are FREE, too!

Ready to join? Sign up!

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