Ain’t No Party like an xAPI Party…

On December 3rd, we hosted our third xAPI party at our office here in Chelsea, MI. In other words, we spent the day with an enthusiastic group of learners, had a ton of good, geeky fun, and got to call it work. We’re pretty fortunate.

As you may know, xAPI is the up-and-coming spec for tracking learning and performance. (If you’re not familiar with xAPI, click here.) While it’s rewarding to be at the forefront of xAPI’s implementation, there’s still so much to learn and so much yet to be decided by the industry. We find meeting with other curious trailblazers helps all involved. That’s why we hosted an xAPI learning cohort from September to November. Folks from a diverse group of organizations, with a range of xAPI experience, formed themselves into teams to explore a variety of use cases. That led us to this party, which was a great opportunity to continue to learn from one another.

We had sessions for the novice and the expert, for the tech-proficient and the tech-reluctant, and sessions for the cohort teams to share their projects. We simulcast approximately half of the sessions, and the recordings are available here. In addition, we’ll have a series of blogs with session recaps, guest posts, and other xAPI-related nuggets of knowledge.

Want to get involved with this exciting xAPI community? Choose one or more (or all!) of the following options:

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