chicken-egg-blogWe get asked the proverbial chicken and egg question a lot: which came first our LLAMA (Lot Like Agile Management Approach) project management or our communicative, accommodating culture? Agile is about more than just project management; it’s a way of perceiving success, communicating and prioritizing the most important work. In other words, Agile is embedded in the culture. And we’re pretty lucky because that Agile kind of culture is how we like to roll here at TorranceLearning anyway. But not everyone is as comfortable with the flexibility that Agile requires.

If your organization is already pretty adept at responding to change and everyone’s keen to communicate, you’re well-positioned to adopt an Agile approach to project management. If your organization tends to emphasize protocol and views problems as failures, you might have to work a little harder to implement Agile because you’ll also need to change the culture.

Not sure if your organization is ready for Agile? Wondering how you can get an Agile-friendly culture? Check out Megan’s article in Learning Solutions Magazine, Adopting Agile Project Management: Corporate Culture Must Match.

If you find that you will need to do some cultural nudging to implement an Agile approach, take heart! We’ve found that the longer we practice LLAMA (the Lot Like Agile Management Approach, designed for learning & development projects), the more Agile-supportive our culture becomes, so Agile becomes even more efficient, earns more team buy-in, and therefore influences our culture even more. In the end, we don’t really care how it all got started; we’re just glad it did!