“We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.”

This is the preamble to the Agile Manifesto (www.agilemanifesto.org) and it’s one of the most important pieces of the whole thing, as far as we’re concerned. It means we’ve learned this by experimenting, by failing, by tweaking and by trying again. And we’re learning more by helping others do it, too.

You see, we have this thing called LLAMA: the Lot Like Agile Methods Approach. It’s our project management approach that combines the best of Agile methods with excellence in instructional design practices. Our business is custom elearning development, not project management training. But we have made a deliberate choice about our teaching. Every time we teach a LLAMA class – and we’re doing this more and more – we learn something new. Sometimes we learn about a technique or a tweak that would improve our work. And sometimes we learn more about the way we do what we do just by getting to explain it a different way to someone else.

It’s why we’re writing more and more about it, too. Here’s an article from Learning Solutions Magazine this week with an overview of the approach.

In that article, you’ll see a line about Agile helps you “accept and expect change” – that came from an “aha” moment in one of Megan’s 3-day LLAMA classes. A perspective we gained through our teaching.

Enjoy. Learn. Ask questions. We’ll all learn something new in the process. Welcome aboard.