The Download is Friday, May 10, 11-3:30

It’s coming up fast…but, there is still space available! If you’ve got the time on your calendar for the next TorranceLearning Download conference, we’d love to have you!

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Writing with Images, Developing a Learning Culture, Learning Transfer: Making it stick after they leave the classroom, iPads & Kindles, & Nooks – Oh My!, Storytelling Techniques for Learning. If you’re thinking, “Wow! That sounds REALLY cool!” Then, you oughta check out our Download conference at the TorranceLearning office because these are all topics that have been discussed at previous Downloads.

What is the Download, exactly? Well…there is no exact. It changes every time. It’s not really a conference. Not even a mini-conference. Well, sort of. The Download is a unique way for learning and development professionals to connect, learn and share.

In a nutshell, we run several really short, concurrent discussions on a wide range of topics, all related to learning and development. You choose what you want to see, wander about as you wish. Did you notice that? They’re called “discussions” not “presentations” — and that’s on purpose. While the person facilitating certainly has something to share, the Q&A usually goes in all directions. Many of the presentations don’t even use PowerPoint (egad!).

Come on…join us!