Our interactive book club

Megan surprised us last month at our Monday morning staff meeting. She passed out a copy of a book called The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann to each of us and explained that we were all going to read the book on our own, and then talk about it as a team as part of our weekly staff meetings. The book is about learning lessons for success in both business and life. It’s broken up into five small sections – one life/business lesson per section – which made for logical weekly reading assignments.

But we’re all about interactivity. So instead of just reading each lesson, we took on the additional challenge of applying the lesson in our lives, and reporting back about it in the next week’s staff meeting.

The book itself had its moments. But what was really interesting was the discussion around the book. Although the lessons in the book weren’t really new concepts, they did give us a space and vocabulary for talking about intentionally putting these concepts into practice. Sometimes the discussions tied directly into business. More often, we found ourselves talking about applying these principles to our daily lives with people we encounter outside the business realm. Sometimes, we even wondered aloud why we were reading this book in the first place, which was cool – all topics that bubbled up from reading the book were fair game.

More than once in the weeks since we finished discussing the book, conversations around the office have been sprinkled with references to the principles mentioned in the book (“Hey, you’re applying the Law of Authenticity!”). It was a fun and useful exercise. Now I’m wondering if I can convince Megan that we need to have weekly movie screenings…

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