Lots and lots of job movement out there…

The other day, LinkedIn sent me this Facebook-esque montage to show me how many of my contacts changed their job titles in 2010.

In fact, 92 out of my 513 contacts changed their job titles. That’s just under 20%. Wow. Seems like a lot.

Now, I know some of people in my network had been out of work and got jobs in 2010. And some of them lost their jobs in 2010. A few even retired.

And some small percentage of them just changed their job title to re-appear in the LinkedIn activity and generate some interest for their profile.

Still processing that 20% number, I did some thinking. TorranceLearning has done some hiring in 2010. We’ve brought on some great contractors. And some people moved on to new and different things, too. In fact, fully 40% of the people with an @torrancelearning.com email address during 2010 have reason to change their LinkedIn profile.

And, as the economy continues to pick up and people continue to follow their hearts to the jobs that are rightest for them, I expect that 20% number to increase in 2011 – both for TorranceLearning (we’ll be hiring!) and for my LinkedIn network. We’ll see what happens.

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