It’s Game On! time

It’s Game On! at TorranceLearning. No, we’re not playing a street hockey game with Wayne and Garth or watching a marathon of a 1980s Canadian sports trivia show.

Game On! is a month-long fitness challenge in which you face off against another individual or team and try to out-do each other in points. You can earn your points by eating five rule-abiding mini-meals per day (no refined sugar, white flour, processed food, etc.), getting seven hours of sleep, exercising, kicking a bad habit, starting a new good habit, and more. Based on a book of the same name, the Game On! Diet encourages you to “kick your friend’s butt while shrinking your own.” It’s a lot of work!

There are six members of the TorranceLearning team, otherwise known as Team eLean. We are competing with Team SRT, known during business hours as SRT Solutions, an Ann Arbor-based software company. The founders of both companies (Megan Torrance and Dianne Marsh) had played the game previously, and thought it might be a fun idea to get their companies involved.

So what are the stakes? Each team is playing for publicity – an article about the winning team and the challenge at the end of the four-week showdown. Round Two of Game On! will result in the losers posting a sign announcing their loss to the other company at this year’s Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum Tech Twilight event on May 21,.

Personally, I feel like my whole life routine has done a one-eighty flip from this challenge, and we’re only in our second week. My biggest change has been getting serious about reading the ingredients in the food I buy. I can’t believe how much sugar I used to consume every day! The weight loss and getting in shape part is great, but the funniest part of the challenge is the competition. Points can be gained by communicating with both a teammate and an opponent each day, so it’s safe to say there is a good amount of both pep emails and trash talking going on in each of our respective inboxes.

At the end of Week One:
Team SRT – 801.92
Team eLean – 694.47

We’re not worried. Team eLean has three more weeks to make an impressive comeback. Stay tuned for future score updates! If you want to learn more about the Game On! Diet, visit the website at

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