Dan Mulhern is an expert in leadership, gender, and organizational culture. He has a strong interest in promoting both the strength of workers’ families and work productivity. In a recent Mother’s Day-inspired blog post, Mulhern suggests that a great gift for working moms is to give them flexibility in their work schedules. But beyond that, he implores business owners to extend flexibility to dads, too. He makes a lot of good points that we agree with – you should check out the post.

While Mulhern’s insightful post is centered around working parents, we think he’d agree that flexibility should be afforded to anyone – parent or not. If anyone has a life outside of work at all, they need flex time. And if you have an employee who doesn’t have a life outside of work, they probably need flex time more than anyone else! And in most cases, there’s no reason not to offer flexible working schedules. Speaking as someone who enjoys and appreciates flex time, I can tell you that it fosters loyalty and dedication to producing quality work. To me, that seems more important than the hours I do the work within.