Authentic Megan

The joke around our office is that Megan can’t talk without a whiteboard. It’s not like I can draw well or anything. It’s just that I get thinking in 3D and it’s just much faster that way, much richer and more memorable. Besides, almost all the whiteboards in our office are portable. We can take notes in one room, then bring them back to our desks to work on them.

Funny enough, though, I was interviewed by Ink from Chase in March 2010 at the Inc. Magazine GrowCo conference – no white board! Minus my favorite prop, I wave my hands about “drawing pictures” and punctuating with my gestures. For a good laugh, watch the video on Facebook. 🙂 Or, you could watch it if you want to hear about TorranceLearning, why our clients work with us, why I “stick with the team” and my thoughts on wise and measured growth.

What I said then is still true today: I’m having the time of my life.

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